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Need a website, a shop or a rocket?

Sorry, I can’t help you build a rocket 🙁 However, if you need a website or a shop that flies like a rocket, I can definitely help you with that!

Who am I

My Specialities

Website design and development

I can help you get a website suited to your needs that you can customize on your own using WordPress CMS. Need special features as well? Just tell me what you have in mind and I will make it happen.

E-Commerce design and development

Your business is my business. Let me help you build an E-Commerce store that is easy to operate, user friendly and allows you to manage your leads effortlessly. You will get a tailor-made shop powered by WooCommerce.

Game design and development

As a person who runs a game development studio, I know how challenging it is to develop your very own video game. If you have an idea, I can help you turn it into a video game and publish it on PC, Android or iOS platforms.

Accessibility testing and development

Did you know that an inaccessible website can reduce your revenue up to 30%? A vast majority of critical accessibility flaws go unnoticed using testing tools. My network of professional auditors is here to help.

Information system integration

Your business is suffering due to the fact you need to move data from one place to another manually? Please tell me what is affecting your business and I will be happy to provide you with potential solutions.

Custom code or special requests

Do you need something non-standard? Do you need a complex solution that no one has ever developed before? Do you need a fully custom solution that has all the features you need? Do not hesitate to reach out.


My name is Andrija Radojev and I will be happy to help you out.

I could best describe myself as an avid IT enthusiast. I started building small IT projects since high school, and I always felt a passion for software development.

My background in IT includes projects of different scales and from a variety of different fields like games, desktop software, information systems, IT tools, team management and recruiting, however, my strongest background comes from the world of web development.

Outside of IT I also have many interests in science and culture, as well as entrepreneurship, project management, and social activism. My interests and hobbies help me not only to take a break from development when needed but also to better understand human psychology and elevate my skills to higher levels.

I have helped many people get their business on the next level

My greatest satisfaction is to see a business grow thanks to a solution I developed or implemented.

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Easy to cooperate, always happy to answer my questions. 10+

I got exactly what I asked and more! I can now get the best out of my business

He is a knowledgeable and a highly skilled professional!

Feel free to reach out!